product manual

2.2. Account activation

Once the user signs up and submits their information, Hello Genius will send them an email with a 5-digit account activation code. Entering the code will activate their account on the Hello Genius parent app.
2.2.1. Account activation right after signing up on the Hello Genius platform.
The user receives the activation code after submitting their account details on Hello Genius. The activation code is only valid for 10 minutes. Enter the code in the code verification screen that appears after signing up. Click on the “Verify” button to activate your account. Please refer to the following screenshots:
After clicking on the “Done” button on the successful account activation screen, the user will be directed to the Login screen page. Resend Code
In case you did not receive the activation code, click on “Resend Code” on the verification page to receive the account activation code in another email.
Our system will then resend the same code which is only valid for 10 minutes.
2.2.2. Account activation later
If you didn’t activate your account immediately after signing up, follow these steps to activate your account:

Hello Genius landing screen → Activate Account → Enter your registered email & click on Activate → Enter the code you received via email and click on Verify → Activated. 2.3. Sign