product manual

2.5 Pair device

To use the child app on a child device, pair the child app and device with the parent app under the parent’s user account. The prerequisite for pairing the child app and child device is that the parent app and child app should be installed on separate devices. The parent app should be logged into by one parent user. Each parent user should have their own parent user account. Please follow these steps:

2.5.1. Steps to pair device/app Log into the parent app with the parent user account credentials. Go to the “Menu” section and select “Devices” as seen in the following screenshot: Click on “Pair Device” to pair the child app with the parent app user account.
Alternatively, the parent user can start pairing the child app by clicking on the top right icon Go to the child app device and open the child app.
The first screen should be the QR code with pairing instructions. Please refer to the following screenshot:
The app will give the user 3 minutes to pair. If the app is not paired within three minutes, the QR code will expire and the user will have to restart the app. Click on the “Scan QR Code” button to scan the QR code that is visible on the child device screen. Position the parent app scanner over the child app QR code. The parent app will scan the QR code and pair the child app and child device with the parent user account.