meeting the challenges
of modern parenthood

safe learning & exploration

A kids’ learning app environment that’s designed for their safety. All of their information is secure. Children will not be exposed to advertisements or unapproved content online.

rich & engaging multi-media content

A child-friendly screen experience with photos, videos, books, and rich interactive features to facilitate deeper learning and encourage exploration.

dynamic artificial intelligence

Hello Genius self-adapts to your child’s preferences to recommend new content and produce shareable data about the content that your child interacts with.

apps management

Hello Genius has unique features for learning, but we also want to help parents and children enjoy the other apps they love and learn from. Our apps management allows parents to select the apps they think are positive for their children and house them within in the safe environment of the Hello Genius child app.

a self-directed learning platform

An app for kids to learn about what captivates them. Helping them express their individuality.

Children are unique individuals and they have unique preferences. Hello Genius offers multiple media options for each subject because not all children learn in the same way.

understand your child’s interests

The Hello Genius App reveals what your children are learning. Dynamic insights into a child’s interests help parents understand and connect with their kids.

Participate in your child’s learning journey in real time and over time through the parent app.

empower your child’s learning journey

See your child’s interests and participate in their learning with suggestions and shared content. Empower them on the journey of discovering passions that can stay with them for their entire lives.

connect over text, voice, and video

Connect with your kids at any time on subjects they care about. The Hello Genius kids’ learning app enables text, phone, and video calls between children and parents.