Six Productive Things for Kids to Do at Home

Discover six productive things for kids to do at home or when they’re bored that will teach them important life skills and enrich your parent-child relationship. Brought to you by the people behind Hello Genius, an AI-powered app for self-directed exploration and bonding.

Involve Your Kids in Household Chores

When you consider household chores, there are plenty of things for kids to do at home! From the time a child starts to walk, get them used to helping out and you’ll have less to do as the years go by. Toddlers can start by putting their toys away, and older children can take care of the pets, wash the dishes, and sweep the floor. The trick is to do the chore with them together until they’re comfortable doing it on their own.

Plant and Maintain a Flower or Vegetable Garden

The best things for kids to do at home teach skills that will prepare them for life. Teach a child to cook a healthy meal and you’re investing in a lifetime of healthy eating. Teach a child to grow their food, and you’re ensuring that they will always have access to nutritious ingredients. Children love planting, watering, and harvesting, and the meals they prepare are the prize at the end! You will need to help them plan the appropriate plants for your climate and season, as well as ensure that the plants get the sunlight and water they need.

Feed their Minds with a Range of Books

Reading has been among the top things for kids to do when they’re bored since the invention of the printing press. Studies show that having a home library of printed books boosts children’s academic achievement and boosts comprehension — especially when you sit down and read the book together, then talk about it afterward. Make reading an attractive activity by creating a “book nook” with comfy pillows and a colorful blanket.

Get Creative with Arts, Crafts, and Building Sets

Arts, crafts, and construction materials provide things for kids to do at home that can keep them happily occupied for hours on end. Stimulate creativity, spatial skills, and imagination by providing a wide range of materials they can use. They just might surprise you with a puppet theater or popsicle stick house at the end of the day.

Take a Virtual Class

Things for kids to do at home don’t always have to be based at home. Virtual classes provide a way to learn from experts in the fields they’re interested in — from ballet to karate, biology to robotics. Connect with other families who have a similar interest to your child, sponsor a teacher, or find an existing class. The key to making these classes a success is to promote as much interaction as possible with the teacher and their classmates.

Harness Technology to Enrich Your Parent-Child Bond

When we’re looking for things for kids to do when bored at home, reaching for a tablet device is sometimes the most practical option. Fortunately, educational apps can be productive things for kids to do at home with the right programs.

Hello Genius is a revolutionary app that connects you to your child in real time — whether across the room or across the world. As your child explores high-quality media on hundreds of age-appropriate topics, you can view their activity feed from your device and interact via messaging and voice/video calls. Based on your child’s demonstrated interests, the app will suggest things for kids to do at home and out in your community. 

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